Responsible Visitor Charter

We are making many conscious steps to operate our business in a more eco friendly way and are continually working on reducing our impact on the environment. As a visitor you have a very important role to play in helping us to be green, stay green and promote a green ethos. The more of us there are doing small things the bigger difference we can make. Here are a few things you can do to help:

Conserve water and energy

We have fitted water saving taps wherever we could and we kindly ask you to turn off all taps when not in use and only use what water you need.

Help us reduce the consumption of energy by switching off lights and turning off electrical equipment when not in use. Only boil the water you need when using a kettle.

Respect nature and local community

Help us to look after our surroundings by following the Countryside Code, using footpaths responsibly, leaving gates as you find them and avoid littering.

OTG and the Environment

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Try to avoid overly packaged goods, re use carrier bags, recycle as much as possible, refill your plastic bottle or make an eco brick.

Shop local, Eat local and See local

Help to support our local community by buying and eating local products. We are surrounded by tucked away little gems where you can sample the flavours of our locality. Check out our recommendation list of shops and pubs[ here]


Give the car a rest

Leave the car behind or at least limit the use of it, if only for a day. Our area provides plenty of walking and hiking opportunities nearby. We have created a list for your convenience to help you to choose a fun, car free day out.

Support Green Businesses

Out To Grass, in conjunction with thousands of businesses and the Green Tourism Business Scheme are working towards reducing hteir carbon footprint. You can help us to tackle environmental issues and to save the planet by following our recommendation lists and support other green businesses.