Out To Grass and the Environment


As members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme, we are committed to reduce carbon footprint and our environmental impact by complying with minimum standards, continually monitoring initiatives and targets, adopting sustainable business practise and be accessible & inclusive to all visitors and staff.

Our Aims Are to:

  • reduce our environment impact
  • protect and preserve Nature
  • enhance the value of the surroundings for wildlife
  • reduce the consumption of energy and water on site
  • reduce the waste we produce on site
  • comply with the relevant environmental legislations
  • train employees in environmental subjects and engage them in improvement projects
  • help our visitors to do their bit for the environment
  • work with and to support our local community


You are encouraged to help us minimise waste. We kindly ask you to separate your rubbish if possible into recyclable and non-recyclable bins.

One of Our main goal is to protect and preserve nature and one of the ways are doing so is by minimising the use of harsh and toxic chemicals.  Our new system not only minimises chemical cleaners but avoids them completely.

We kindly ask you to avoid the use of chemical washing up and beauty products on our site. We supply the washing up stations and hand washing facilities with eco -friendly products and we stock a range of environmentally friendly beauty products at our reception.

We are a campsite that is not equipped for caravans and motorhomes and as such we do not have a chemical waste disposal.  If you wish to come and stay in your motorhome and/or caravan we do ask you to take your chemical waste home with you.


We are trying to raise awareness about glitter and why it is not good for the environment.
We discourage our costumers to use glitter on our site. If you really think that your wedding/ party would not be the same without glitter then please use a biodegradable one. Biodegradable glitter is now available in various stores.

“Glitter is essentially just teeny, tiny bits of pretty plastic. Plastic never breaks down, and is bad news for pretty much everything that calls the Earth home. Like most other types of plastic glitter can’t be recycled. If you’ve ever tried, you’ll know how hard glitter is to clean up, so using it again or upcycling it is out of the question. Glitter is usually made of some kind of non-biodegradable material, such as copolymer plastic or aluminium foil. glitter pieces are tiny, and are classified as ‘micro plastic’. “
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Last year we have introduced a No Glass Policy to protect all of us; you, children, and our four legged friends from cut injuries. We encourage you to transfer goods from glass to plastic bottles prior to arrival and keep small jars inside your camp and take away these on your departure.